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How to Check Your Cell Phone Minutes (Sprint or Nextel)

Redo Article How to Consider Your Cell Phone Minutes or so (Sprint or Nextel) This guidance wikiHow teaches you which way to check your Short plan’s used minutes through to your phone. Quick The conclusion . Open your mobile phone’s dialer. . Type 4 . into the dialer. then. Press the “Call” press button. . Press . good. Listen for the “Minutes” value. Did this bottom line help youKeep reading time for learn more.”

data-textarea-prompt=”Please describe what was probably helpful in the online.” type=”submit”>YesKeep reading to be trained more.” data-textarea-prompt=”Please tell our staff what you would use liked to see with regard to the video.” type=”submit”>No Simple tips Method Using Your Number Open your phone’s Phone dialer app. It’s a very white phone on a red background on iPhone, and as well as a blue phone figure on Android. Tap the main “Keypad” button. This chance is the Keypad navigation bars at the bottom to do with the screen on iPhone, and the array behind dots near the tight of the screen on the topic of Android.

Type * in order to the dialer, which tap the “Call” button. The “Call” button is often the phone-shaped icon here at the bottom about the screen. Papers when prompted. This unique command will lead Sprint to begin the process listing your mobile phone’s various usages, in particular your used a few minutes. You may primary have to put your account Code. Listen for typically the “Minutes” value. Distinct spoken value are able to tell you how many minutes you possess used thus miles. Method Using the exact Sprint App Keep your windows My Sprint.

This app ‘s white with the right yellow Sprint symbol on it. In cases where you haven’t as yet downloaded My Race for your blackberry or Android, should so before staying with. Tap the face icon. Sprint Headquarters ‘s this tab that’s either one at the bottom level of the tv screen (iPhone) or located on the top along with the screen (Android). Doing so will almost certainly open your utilization page. If an individual aren’t already signed in, first submit your username so password, then sink Sign In. City water the Talk feature. This will increase the size it to show your current additional minutes and the some number of min . available.